Call for Playtesters!

At the moment we are holding off on further recruitment while
we work through our current playtester list.

Please check back here again to see when we will start recruiting for future games.

FAQ - What to expect when you playtest games from Games by Stitch!

1. What does it mean to playtest a game?
2. What type of games will I be playtesting?
3. Who can be a playtester?
4. How do I become a playtester?
5. What happens once I’ve signed up?
6. How can I prepare for the playtest?
7. What is expected of me when I playtest a game?
8. How and when will I get compensated?
9. Can I communicate about the games I playtest?
10. Can I opt out of the playtest at any time?
11. How is the playtest happening?
12. How long is a playtest? When can I do the playtest? Does it have to be a specific time?