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Now recruiting playtesters!

We are looking for users to demo our pre-alpha build and provide useful feedback on our games' direction. If this sounds like something you'd be into, enter your email below to be considered!

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FAQ - What to expect when you playtest games from Games by Stitch!

1. What does it mean to playtest a game?
2. What type of games will I be playtesting?
3. Who can be a playtester?
4. How do I become a playtester?
5. What happens once I’ve signed up?
6. How can I prepare for the playtest?
7. What is expected of me when I playtest a game?
8. How and when will I get compensated?
9. Can I communicate about the games I playtest?
10. Can I opt out of the playtest at any time?
11. How is the playtest happening?
12. How long is a playtest? When can I do the playtest? Does it have to be a specific time?