Decipher Your Destiny

About Rival Books of Aster

Four rival books, each a separate translation of a single source that is long since lost to time. All begin with the same phrase: "Take me and hide me, for I am the one true light". Every journey begins with a choice and the time has come for you to make yours.

Gameplay Features

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Genre: Collectible Card Game
Players: Single Player
Platforms: Steam, iPad OS
Developer: Stitch Media
The CCG with Serious Strategy
Explore an innovative combo system
Manage space to optimize your plays
Outsmart your opponents with clever traps
Never play the same game twice
Learn the basics in the prologue
Decipher Ancient Secrets

Collect the pages from 4 mysterious grimoires
Translate all 200 pages through gameplay
Align yourself with one of 4 ancient houses
Take part in a living story that grows with you
Play Your Way
Build personalized decks from over 200 cards
Climb the leaderboard by defeating nearby players
Earn renown and defend your rank from usurpers
Battle opponents and challenging AI characters
Choose your allegiance and represent your house
Have Your Say

Cast spells in weekly Labours changing the gameplay
Become a part of the ongoing history of Aster
Gain renown and defend your name
Purchase predetermined spell packs
Beautiful Hand Painted Art
Experience 4 unique art styles hand painted by award winning artists
Visit a fantasy world that looks unlike anything you've ever seen

Rival Books of Aster was made with the generous support of:

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