Broken Spectre Press Kit

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Official Game Title

Broken Spectre


Games by Stitch
Based in Toronto, Canada

Release Date/Window

June 21, 2023


Horror / Adventure


Available on Meta Quest

Number of Players

Single Player

Release Regions


Marketing Tagline

The Maw Awaits You...

ESRB with Descriptors

Blood and Gore, Intense Violence



Hand Tracking Controls
Psychological & Cosmic Horror Themes
Experimental Art Style
Adaptive Environments

Elevator Pitch

25 years ago your father climbed the mountain and never came back. Now he's calling for you.

Searching for her long-lost father, Casey hears news that he may still be alive in the treacherous wilderness of Northwest Canada. She heads to Coldblood Mountain where she discovers evidence of her father's research.

With severe weather conditions closing in and evil lurking around her, the journey soon turns from investigation to a desperate attempt to escape. Will she survive to find the truth? Only the tale will tell.

Searching for him, you find his mutation experiments and a trail of breadcrumbs leading you up the slope. As night falls you spot someone on a ledge above you, but when you climb up it’s not your father - it’s an abomination.

Trapped in the mountain’s maze, you find notes from a deranged ancient explorer offering salvation if you perform a grotesque ritual. The mountain bursts open and you’re transported into childhood memories giving you clues to press forward.

At the summit you connect the terrible truth: each of your ancestors must climb this mountain to sacrifice themselves. Something unimaginable deep in the mountain has created this inevitable path for you. The final step is to reunite with your father atop a frozen ladder of corpses into the sky.

Broken Spectre is a cosmic horror narrative experience centered around Casey's search for her missing father in the treacherous mountains of western Canada. Pushing the boundaries of VR immersion, players will be freed from traditional controllers and use Broken Spectre’s innovative development on hand-tracking to play through the game. A defined set of hand gestures will enable the player to explore the mountain, interact with objects, and climb terrain to unravel the story.


Broken Spectre is a cosmic horror narrative game for hand-tracking VR. You play as Casey, a strong-headed adventurer haunted by her troubled family history. You hear news that your father, a biologist long suspected dead in the treacherous wilderness of Northwest Canada, may still be alive.  Searching for him, you find his mutated experiments and track his path, leading you to higher and more dangerous elevations. As night falls, you spot someone on a cliff ledge above you, with bated breath you climb up, but it’s not your father - it’s an unearthly abomination. Trapped in the mountain’s maze, you wonder, is time distorting your reality, or are you going mad with altitude sickness? Collect gruesome clues, decipher cryptic puzzles, perform cult rituals, and travel into family traumas in this mystical slow-burn horror story.

Broken Spectre is uniquely positioned to draw interest from the horror genre, point & click genre, and narrative genre of games. The market for Virtual Reality games is consistently growing as industry leaders like Meta (formerly Oculus), Sony and Apple continue to develop sleeker and more accessible headsets for the average household user. In 2021 standalone VR headsets accounted for 83% of consumer VR sales largely driven by the success of the Meta Quest 2. The VR space has yet to be saturated compared to flat gaming, which makes it a great opportunity for indie brands to make a name for themselves without being overshadowed by AAA titles.

Our Story

Games by Stitch is a game production company focused on building innovative digital experiences and meaningful audience engagement with new technology. We have been operating since 2007, creating storytelling and gameplay experiences that evolve with the times. Our projects span web, mobile and games that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Games by Stitch is the indie studio division of Stitch Media, focused on creating immersive gaming experiences through interactive technology. Recent releases include Flow Weaver on Meta Quest (a multidimensional VR escape room), and Terrorarium on PC and Tilt Five (a 3D puzzle platformer filled with adorable gore).

Building off of the success of Flow Weaver, Broken Spectre will help solidify our identity as a studio that specializes in thoughtful narrative storytelling complemented with stunning visuals and experimental game design.

Stitch Media is an interactive production company that tells stories through technology. Our projects span web, mobile and games that push the boundaries of what's possible. Our work has been recognized nationally by the Digi Awards, Applied Arts Magazine, the Canadian Screen Awards and internationally by UNESCO’s World Summit. Our team has worked with Disney, Microsoft, FOX, Discovery, CBC, Bell and consulted for the Smithsonian Institute and the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

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Broken Spectre - Official Teaser Trailer

Broken Spectre - Release Date Trailer


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