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Official Game Title:
Flow Weaver

Publisher Name: Self-Published by Stitch Media

Developer: Stitch Media
Based in Toronto, Canada

VR Puzzle/Adventure Game

ESRB with Descriptors: Rating Pending

Rating: EVERYONE 10+ Minor language

Number of Players:
Single Player

Supported Play Modes: Single-Player Mode

Supported Platforms:
Meta Quest 1, Meta Quest 2, Rift S

Release Date/Window: 2021

Release Regions: Anticipated Worldwide

Marketing Tagline: You are trapped. Bound by magic by unknown captors. But you are a Flow Weaver and you can move between dimensions.

Travel amongst them, learn new spells, and uncover the secrets of this strange world to orchestrate your escape.


Flow Weaver is a “multidimensional” VR game that immerses the player in a fantasy world on the brink of cataclysm. You enter the world of Flow Weaver trapped and bound to a single room, but your freedom lies within your ability to control the “Flows” - the seven dimensions of magic that overlap the Material World. In order to escape you must learn how to navigate your way through all of the Flows, solving intuitive puzzles and discovering how manipulating objects in one dimension, or taking them to another changes them in accordance with each Flow’s unique magics...and throughout it all, unravelling the mystery of your captivity, and what being a Flow Weaver truly entails. 

Flow Weaver is a part of the Flowforged universe. Flowforged is a creation of noted world-building writer, Lucas Johnson (Silverstring Media).

The primary gameplay centers around transitioning between your cell and different dimensions (or "Flows") as you discover them, learning how each Flow affects the world in different ways. The player uses that knowledge to solve puzzles and challenges, learn new skills or spells, and uncover new objects and new puzzles. Eventually, they bring all their skills and all the dimensions together to ultimately escape captivity.

Flow Weaver is a seated VR experience, a design choice that was made early in its development. We noticed that a majority of VR games had players standing, using a wide range of movement, and that this didn’t encourage users to remain in these games or experiences for an extended period of time. We focus on ‘long play sessions’ that allow a stronger narrative and free up the physical limitations of the user. Doing so gives us the freedom to tell the story of Flow Weaver at a pace and rhythm that isn’t rushed or condensed but flows organically as it weaves the player into its web of fantasy and lore. 

VR offers an immersive experience unparalleled by any other technology, which is what makes it such a powerful tool for storytelling.

• A seated VR experience
• 3 hours of immersive gameplay
• Fully voiced narrative dialogue featuring Ciarán Strange (Borderlands 3) as the Flow Weaver
• Music composed by Devin Vibert

Flow Weaver is a collaborative effort between Stitch Media and Silverstring Media.

Stitch Media is a Canadian interactive media production company that specializes in telling stories using new technology. Our work encompasses game development, experiential storytelling, interactive documentary and content development. We have created interactive experiences and digital outreach strategies for clients such as Shaw Media, HGTV, CBC, The Darknet Files, American Gods, and Harlequin. Flow Weaver is the newest addition to our expanding game portfolio that includes Terrorarium - a PC game about wanton destruction, adorable gore, and...gardening, and Rival Books of Aster - a digital collectible card game for iOS featuring over 200 unique spells to build decks and battle other players from around the world.

Silverstring Media is a game and narrative design studio in Vancouver, BC, crafting original games and providing services in digital place-making and storytelling. They are world-builders. They strive to push the boundaries of digital media, narratives, and architectural experiences, experimenting with form and content. Their aim is to bring diversity and hope to our stories and culture.

Silverstring Media
Silverstring Media is a game and narrative design studio in Vancouver, BC, crafting original games and providing services in digital place-making and storytelling. We are world-builders. We strive to push the boundaries of digital media, narratives, and architectural experiences, experimenting with form and content. Our aim is to bring diversity and hope to our stories and culture.

Meta Quest
The Meta Quest team at Facebook builds the VR hardware and platform to let people experience anything, anywhere, with anyone. Additionally, Facebook has teams dedicated to building social experiences in VR that make it easier to spend time with friends, wherever they are. 
Meta Quest has been making VR hardware since 2013. In the early days, they shipped developer kits to ensure creators shaped the future of Meta Quest hardware. As a result of the community's continued support, they are making strides to bring VR to everyone. They have the most passionate PC VR following with the Meta Quest Rift S + Touch and the largest, mobile VR audience through Meta Quest Go and now with Meta Quest, the first standalone, all-in-one, 6DOF headset.

Canada Media Fund
The Canada Media Fund (CMF) supports the creation and promotion of popular and innovative Canadian content, as well as of innovative software for current and emerging digital platforms. CMF guides Canadian content towards a competitive global digital environment by fostering industry innovation, rewarding success, enabling a diversity of voices and promoting access to content through partnerships with industry and the private sector. 

Ontario Creates
Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is the central catalyst for the province’s cultural media cluster including book publishing, film and television, interactive digital media, magazine publishing and music industries. Interactive digital media production contributes over $1.1 billion in revenue annually to Ontario and supports 17,000 jobs. The Interactive Digital Media Fund was launched in 2005, and since then has supported over 400 projects with total funding of over $35 million.

The Games Institute - University of Waterloo
The Games Institute conducts research into the past, present, and future of games. Our researchers span the breadth of related disciplines, from the humanities and social sciences through engineering and computer science. With a research network joining multiple universities and multiple industry partners, we explore the human side of games and game-related technologies and interactions, with the constant goal of understanding the compelling user engagement that games deliver in fields ranging from entertainment, education, health, and business.

Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit organization that has designed and delivered research and training programs in Canada for 18 years. Mitacs is funded by the federal and provincial governments as well as university and industry partners. Mitacs internships connect companies and organizations with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, who apply their specialized expertise to research challenges. Working with 60 universities, thousands of companies, and both federal and provincial governments, Mitacs builds partnerships that support industrial and social innovation in Canada. Open to all disciplines and all industry sectors, projects can span a wide range of areas, including manufacturing, business processes, IT, social sciences, design and more.

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Selected Articles
"Flow Weaver nominated as Best Virtual Reality Game at the Canadian Screen Awards 2019."

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Stitch Media is a game production company focused on building innovative digital experiences and meaningful audience engagement with new technology. We have been operating since 2007, creating storytelling and gameplay experiences that evolve with the times. Our projects span web, mobile and games that push the boundaries of what's possible. Our work has been recognized nationally by the Digi Awards, Applied Arts Magazine, the Canadian Screen Awards and internationally by UNESCO's World Summit. Our team has worked with Disney, Microsoft, FOX, Discovery, CBC, Bell and consulted for the Smithsonian Institute and the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

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