How to Setup a Playtest in VR
(Meta Quest)

Best Playtest Practices

Before the Playtest

Playtest Space

Playtest Equipment

Controls for a VR headset with hand-tracking enabled:

Hand Gestures

A Note on Hand Tracking
In a hand tracking game, your hands are being tracked by the cameras on the front of the headset so try to keep them where they can easily be seen. You may lose hand tracking when your hands touch or block each other.

Playtest Information

Playtest Download

Best Practices During the Playtest

  • Make sure your space is quiet - background noises can interfere with recording
  • Speak slowly, clearly and loud enough.
  • While playtesting, you will be asked to narrate everything you are thinking aloud (self-talk) as much as possible. The more you describe what you are thinking and feeling the better! Be honest about what you dislike or struggle to get through, as well as what you enjoy and may want to see more of.
  • Speaking your thoughts aloud feels very silly and strange at first. We cannot read your mind so we ask you to act this way to help us understand your thinking process. Imagine you are describing what you are seeing, doing, and feeling to someone on a phone call with you who can’t see what you see while playing.
  • Here’s a silly example of how self-talk would work in a playtest of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich:
  • “Okay I’m looking for bread first, then peanut butter and jelly.”
  • “I don’t want to get my hands dirty, so I’m planning to use a knife to move it from the jar to the bread.”
  • “I’m just guessing at the right amount of peanut butter. I’ll go back for another scoop if it’s not enough.”
  • “Oh I just noticed that I only have one knife here. I’m going to look for a sink to rinse it off so I don’t get PB in my jelly.”
  • “I am trying to spread it evenly and put PB on one side and jelly on another.”
  • “My last step is to put the two pieces of bread together, but it’s important that I keep the dry sides on the outside.”
  • You can take the headset off at any point if you are uncomfortable. Just don’t forget to start the recording again when you restart. See “How to Record a Playtest in Virtual Reality (VR)
  • There is no way for you to do anything wrong during the test, anything that seems wrong is our fault!

After the Playtest

Our unreleased games are still in private development, and details are not to be leaked. That’s why we require playtesters to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as they shouldn’t share any details of what they experience. Please dispose of the app and video recording file on your local devices once we’ve confirmed your playtest is complete and we’ve received your video recording.