A game about wanton destruction and adorable gore in player-made murder gardens

About Terrorarium

Like every great villain, you have been foiled for the last time. And this time you mean it. Those fools at the Intergalactic Horrorcultural Society have given the blue ribbon—your blue ribbon—to some ill-deserving pretender to the throne for too many star cycles now, and you are determined it will not happen again.
This time, you're pulling out all the stops. There is no monster too deadly for you to capture, no combination of creatures too volatile for you to control. You don't care how many invasive species you have to introduce or ecosystems you have to destroy, your ambition will not be contained. You will slay the competition at any cost.
Terrorarium is a 3D puzzle platformer game where you play as the Gardener, a feisty granny with a chip on her shoulder, and her army of adorable, expendable Moogu. The Moogu will die frequently, breed out of control, and are often as insufferable as they are useful. You can also share the levels you build with your friends and frenemies.
In Maker Mode, you choose how the chaos unfolds. Design and publish your own levels with vicious creatures, treacherous hazards, plant monsters, lovely foliage, and destructible terrain. With these moveable, scalable, customizable assets, you can create a beautiful garden, a deadly maze or a murderous gauntlet.

E3's IndieCade Selection 2019

Gameplay Features

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Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Players: Single Player
Platforms: Steam, TiltFive
Developer: Stitch Media
Gardener Loading Screen
Survive a Gauntlet of 50+ Level Campaign
Thick Moogu
Shepherd Expendable Moogu to Solve Puzzles
Gooey Moogu
Craft Levels in Maker Mode with 200+ Obstacles
Gassy Moogu
Share Your Level Creations via Steam Workshop
Spicy Moogu
Play & Rate Community-Made Murder Gardens

Terrorarium was made with the generous support of:

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