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Escape from the Lawless Prison

Roll your way out of prison in this 5e Tabletop RPG set in the same world as Flow Weaver

In the middle of the Thron Sea sits a tiny island, home only to an old elven lighthouse, and a fortress prison. No one knows who runs the prison. They do not fall under the jurisdiction of any nation, near or far. No one knows the mysterious Master they serve.

But here, people are brought to be interrogated - or conveniently silenced. And at night, strange magical lights flash from the lighthouse, where even the prison guards do not patrol, as they whisper rumours of dangerous magical experiments playing with the very fabric of reality…

Opportunities to escape from the lawless prison are few.
But the alternatives seem far worse.

Enjoy this free one-shot adventure with your friends

Experience Kelemspar in a different way where you take direct control of your actions as an adventurer in a prison-escape mission. Escape from the Lawless Prison is based off of the D&D 5e system and comes with a detailed guide for a DM and pre-made characters. You will also find notes on how to customize the adventure to suit your group, create your own characters, or bring in other elements from D&D to make it truly special.

*This is a standalone narrative and does not require you to play Flow Weaver VR.

The Characters

Diyer Intro CardShoye Intro CardSun Intro CardTaephiel Intro Card

Enjoy playing virtual D&D on Tabletop Simulator?

We have a custom environment themed for Escape from the Lawless Prison available in Steam workshop.


• Custom background
• Furniture
• Character sheets

• Dice tray and dice
• DM screen
• Custom standees

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