How to Record a Playtest in VR
(Meta Quest)

How to Record a Playtest

Important - Do a Practice Recording
Before you begin, we highly recommend that you do a 5 second practice recording to ensure that your microphone and video are recorded properly.

1. Launch an app and open the Meta System menu where you should see the options to “Resume” and “Quit”. Above the resume button, click the video camera icon, the second image from the left. Click this to start recording.

Note: If you keep your fingers pinched, you will access the quick menu, where it’s possible to drag your pinched fingers to a record icon. Please do not proceed with this option as it will NOT prompt you to record your microphone.

Oculus IconsPractice Recording

2. A confirmation window will appear. Check the “Include mic audio” toggle ON (it should turn blue) and press “Start recording”. A red dot will appear to indicate you are recording. DO NOT PLAY UNLESS YOU SEE THE RED DOT.

3. Pinch your fingers together and a small menu will appear. Please ensure that the microphone icon is grey. If not, select it and it should turn from white to grey.

4. When you are done testing, open up the Meta System Menu again and hit the recording button to stop the recording.

5. Head into the “Sharing” folder within your headset on the System Menu and open up the test recording. If you hear your voice and can see video, you are good to go!

Only after you have confirmed that your microphone was recorded properly should you continue!

Turn on Video and Microphone Recording

Best Practices During the Playtest

Turn off recording

Submit your recording

Allow Access to data pop-up

After the Playtest

Our unreleased games are still in private development, and details are not to be leaked. That’s why we require playtesters to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as they shouldn’t share any details of what they experience. Please dispose of the app and video recording file on your local devices once we’ve confirmed your playtest is complete and we’ve received your video recording.