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Challenge yourself in this fantasy escape-room game. Available now on Meta and Steam

Captured on a strange world, far from the dimensions you know.
But you have the Flows of magic at your fingertips.

Flow Weaver is a "multidimensional" VR escape-room game. The player explores and experiments with their environment, moving between different magical dimensions to solve intuitive puzzles towards the goal of escape.
Immerse yourself in this seated experience with fully voiced dialogue, a moving soundtrack, and rich narrative lore for fantasy fans to dig into. Enjoy fantastical realms in the full splendor of virtual reality.
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Best VR Game Winner
Cinequest VR Awards 2021

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Best VR Game Nomination
Canadian Screen Awards 2019

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Gameplay Features

Genre: VR Puzzle/Adventure Game
Players: Single Player
Length: 3 hours
Release Date: 2021
Platforms: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Rift S, Steam
Developer: Stitch Media and Silverstring Media
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Compelling Fantasy Narrative
As a powerful mage-traveler you will meet creatures from other worlds and acquire new spells as you investigate the reason for your capture and plot your escape.
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Multi-layered Puzzles
Challenge yourself with puzzles that build off of each other. Learning the laws of how magic overlaps in Kelemspar is part of the fun.
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Diverse Environments to Explore
VR makes it possible to escape to the imaginative worlds of Kelemspar. Each with their own distinct personality and details for you to take in.
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Seated VR Experience
Play the game at your own pace. A seated VR experience allows for extended gameplay sessions and better accommodates players with tight playing spaces.
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Fully Voiced Dialogue
Featuring Ciarán Strange (Borderlands 3) as the Flow Weaver and a fully voiced cast of supporting characters for a truly immersive experience.
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Music Composed by Devin Vibert
Original soundtrack by Canadian composer Devin Vibert (Glitchhikers, Selling Sunlight).

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Flow Weaver is the Beginning of a Larger Fantasy Adventure

You enter the world of Flow Weaver trapped and bound to a single room, but your freedom lies within your ability to control the “Flows” - the numerous dimensions of magic that overlap the Material World. In order to escape you must learn how to navigate your way through multiple Flows, solving intuitive puzzles and discovering how manipulating objects in one dimension, or taking them to another changes them in accordance with each Flow’s unique magics...and throughout it all, unravelling the mystery of your captivity, and what being a Flow Weaver truly entails.

Flow Weaver is a collaborative effort that combines the intricate fantasy narrative created and honed by Silverstring Media, with the technical and creative skills of Games by Stitch to fully realize a stand-alone gaming experience within the fantasy realm of Kelemspar. It is our hope that you not only fall in love with Flow Weaver, but also  explore the other pieces of rich narrative media inspired by Flowforged.

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About Silverstring Media

Silverstring Media is a game and narrative design studio in Vancouver, BC, crafting original games and providing services in digital place-making and storytelling. They are world-builders. They strive to push the boundaries of digital media, narratives, and architectural experiences, experimenting with form and content. Their aim is to bring diversity and hope to our stories and culture.

About Stitch Media

Stitch Media is a Canadian Interactive media production company that specializes in telling stories using new technology. Our work encompasses game development, experiential storytelling, interactive documentary and content development. We have created interactive experiences and digital outreach strategies for clients such as Shaw Media, HGTV, CBC, The Darknet Files, American Gods, and Harlequin. Flow Weaver is the newest addition to our expanding game portfolio that includes Terrorarium - a PC game about wanton destruction, adorable gore, and...gardening, and Rival Books of Aster - a digital collectible card game for iOS featuring over 200 unique spells to build decks and battle other players from around the world.

Flow Weaver was made with the generous support of:

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