A cosmic horror narrative game for hand tracking VR

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25 years ago your father climbed the mountain and never came back.
Now he’s calling for you.

Searching for her long-lost father, Casey hears news that he may still be alive in the treacherous wilderness of Northwest Canada. She heads to Coldblood Mountain where she discovers evidence of her father’s research.
With severe weather conditions closing in and evil lurking around her, the journey soon turns from investigation to a desperate attempt to escape. Will she survive to find the truth? Only the tale will tell.

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Meta Quest

Gameplay Features

Genre: Horror/Adventure
Players: Single Player
Platforms: Meta Quest 2
Developer: Games by Stitch
Mutated Flower 3
Hand Tracking Controls
Mutated Flower 2
Psychological & Cosmic Horror Themes
Mutated Flower
Experimental Art Style

Mutated Moth
Adaptive Environments

Broken Spectre was made with the generous support of:

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